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Fundraising with White Tiger

Goal of our Fund Raising Program

The goal of the White Tiger Martial Arts Fund-Raising Program is to raise funds to help pay for our larger predefined events, such as Japan 2020 and our tournament team. While still giving those, who are not attending these events a reason to help with the fund raising.

Additionally, we want to provide a clear picture to any fund-raising event, outlining what the money is being raised for and how the money is being distributed.

Fund-Raising Council / Event Planning Group

Anyone can become part of the Fund-Raising Council / Event Planning Group at any time. This Council is made up of parents, adult students, Sensei, and Sempai. This group meets every few months or as dictated by the group to help steer what fund-raising events are done, and how those monies will be distributed. Contact us to learn more!

Fund-Raising Distribution

All fund-raising activities will clearly show how the funds are going to be used and distributed. In some cases, funds will be spread evenly between each student (such as a bottle drive), while others will be defined by how much they raise (Example: Sales of Tickets for something). This will all be defined as part of the fund-raising event.

There are three possible buckets of funds:

Bucket 1 – Personal Bucket (Normally 25%)

The student use bucket is completely dedicated to the student and can be used for anything related to Martial Arts Training.

Bucket rules
  • Funds in this bucket can be used for: Student Fees, Martial Arts Equipment, any Event ran by White Tiger Martial Arts
  • In the event the student leaves White Tiger Martial Arts any remaining funds in this bucket (1) are forfeit and placed in Bucket 2 for whatever event is deemed appropriate by White Tiger Martial Arts.
  • Funds in bucket 1 are rounded down to the nearest $5.00 with the remaining placed in Bucket 2, for example if a student raises $101.00 and 25% of it is going into bucket 1. The student would receive $25.00 in their personal bucket, and $76.00 would go into bucket 2. (In this example there is no third bucket)

  • Bucket 2 – Group Bucket (25% - 75%)

    This bucket is designed to help the group as a whole, including instructors for major events. Normally this bucket will be 25% for those students that are going to the actual event that the funds are being raised for. Up to 75%, if the student doing the fund raising is not going to the event. (This is explained more under Bucket 3)

    Bucket rules
  • This bucket is not owned by any one student and is used for all students and instructors.
  • These funds are first used to pay for Sensei and/or Senpai to attend the given event. This is defined as part of the event, and only subject to changes if agreed upon by the Fund-Raising Council
  • In the event that the student is not attending the event this bucket becomes where all remaining funds go (This is no bucket 3)
  • If a student decides to go to an event AFTER the fund-raising event, the funds can not be re-allocated between buckets 2, and 3.

  • Bucket 3 – Personal Event Bucket (Normally 50%)

    This bucket is only applicable for those students who are going to the event, or are part of the group that the monies are being raised for. If the student is not part of the event, these funds will go into bucket 2

    Bucket rules
  • These funds are used for the student, within the defined event that is being fund raised for.
  • These funds can NOT be transferred between events unless approved by White Tiger Martial Arts. As an example, some rates and costs are based on how many people are attending, so transferring funds from one event to another would cause a possible increase in per student costs.
  • In the event a student cannot attend an event at all they may lose part if not all of their funds in this bucket for that particular event and will be transferred to the group bucket (2). This may not always be the case, it will depend on each case and circumstance.

  • Example of Fundraising Banner

    Below is an example of what a fund-raising event may look like:


    Tournament Team


    Japan 2020 Raised


    Summer Camp 2019